Benefits of Forest School

Benefits of Forest School

Did you know that nearly three out of every four children don’t get even an hour of outdoor play each day? Given the benefits of embracing the outdoors, it’s surprising that not more people are taking advantage of it. The reason? Many children simply don’t realise the opportunities for exploration and adventure that await outside.

Forest School becomes an exciting third educator and can support learning in many ways. Children can learn fine motor skills, promote independence, and help raise self-esteem. This is all in a safe environment where there are no wrongs, so they don’t need to fear failure.

The Role of Forest School in Child Development

Forest School serves as an innovative third teacher, enriching learning in numerous ways. It offers children the chance to develop fine motor skills, fosters independence, and boosts self-esteem—all within the embrace of nature, where mistakes are part of the learning process, not feared setbacks.

Getting Started with Forest School

Launching a forest school is simpler than you might think. The essentials include a patch of land with trees and a certified forest school leader to ensure sessions are insured and safely conducted. Planning and risk assessment tailored to different age groups form the backbone of the curriculum. Younger children learn about setting boundaries and self-organization, while older students engage in more complex activities like plant identification, wildlife spotting, and safe tool use. All children should have safety lessons. Examples include how to collect materials, safe plants and using tools.

Financial Advantages of Forest School

Beyond the educational benefits, a forest school can be a savvy business move. Institutions with forest schools often see increased enrolment and greater interest in after-school programmes, leading to enhanced revenue. These funds can then be channelled back into the school, supporting further educational investments, staff training, and resources to enrich student learning experiences.

Taking the Leap

Forest school is a win-win: educators can expand their skill sets, children gain invaluable learning experiences outside the traditional classroom, and educational institutions benefit financially. Setting up a forest school requires effort and dedication, but the rewards—happier, healthier, more engaged learners—are immeasurably worth it. Most forest school activities can be conducted under a school canopy, which is helpful in the winter months when the weather is unpredictable. If you’re considering taking this exciting step, remember that the journey towards a more connected, outdoor-focused education can start small but lead to significant impacts on students’ lives and the broader educational community.


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