Crowdfunding for Secondary Schools

Crowdfunding for Secondary Schools


Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise money for great causes. Fundraising at any age may be a challenge and most people will agree that getting children involved can be a positive and empowering experience. Lots of schools fundraise for either themselves or other charities through very traditional means such as sponsored activities or selling products.

Crowdfunding offers a fun, educational and effective way to involve young people in supporting communities near and far. Crowdfunding raisings small amounts of money from lots of different people, using online platform to reach and engage the potential ‘pledgers’.

There are two main types of Crowdfunding methods. One being namely equity which is used for commercial purposes where people invest in return for a stake in a business. Pledgers are made for particular causes with expecting nothing in return or a small gift given in return of an amount of money. The last option that is proving particularly popular with educational organisations.

Crowdfunding is ideal for schools because it requires a community of people ready to support the campaign. Schools are able to call on teachers, pupils, families, friends, PTA and the local community.

Crowdfunding fits into the curriculum because pupils are able to apply their theoretical learning to a practical, real world experience and helps to develop their students’ knowledge.

We have come up with 7 steps to get your Crowdfunding started:

  1. Decide the campaign focus – Consider a project that links into particular themes being studied at that time in school
  2. Choose your platform – Take time to look through and find the right platform for your campaign
  3. Set financial targets – Pupils will need a list of all the different expenses the campaign will incur
  4. Plan your rewards
  5. Prepare your pitch
  6. Include PR
  7. Manage the process – once you have decided the date, there needs to be a plan of action for every day throughout the campaign to ensure it successful