Don’t Be Scared Away From These Spooky Fundraising Ideas!

Don’t Be Scared Away From These Spooky Fundraising Ideas!

Are you looking to raise funds for charity this Halloween but unsure how to achieve it? Hosting a themed event can make all the difference to the donations you receive from patrons, and it can be great fun too.

Halloween is an exciting time for fundraisers because there is a great spirit surrounding the period (pun intended!). You can create ghoulishly fun activities that will get children squealing with excitement and parents talking about your event for years to come.

So what fundraising ideas could you use this October 31st?

  1. A Haunted House

Those that have access to a spacious building that can be safely used for hosting a fundraiser, could convert it into a haunted house for just one night.

Have activities around the place such as a spooky sensation station, ghostly tales, and a maze, and charge people to enter.

Go all out and create an even more eerie atmosphere by playing spooky music and using a fog machine!

  1. Sell Halloween Treats

Any school, office or church should find this an easy fundraising idea.

There are lots of spooky themed treats that can be created cheaply and taste great. Some of the best are spooky kebabs and Zombie fingers.

If you are looking for ideas, considering using the BBC website. They have over 44 Halloween treat ideas.

  1. Pumpkin Smashing

Are you looking for something that will excite the crowd and get their blood pumping? Why not try pumpkin smashing?

There are two ways you can do this, either offer people a chance to smash their own pumpkin or run a competition where the person who smashes a pumpkin in the quickest time wins.

You can charge each individual for their attempt either way.

  1. Throw A Party

Everyone loves a party, and Halloween parties are becoming ever more popular, especially when it’s fancy dress!

With some good food, music and games you can really delight your guests. Raise funds by charging for entrance, drinks and/or by hosting a charity auction.

At the party, you could incorporate some or all of the other ideas mentioned. You could also run a fancy dress competition with entrants paying to be in with a chance to win.

  1. Spooky Film Night

Want something a little more relaxed? Why not consider hiring a function hall for a spooky film marathon?

There are some great Halloween films you could put on for children and adults, depending on your audience. For children, we recommend Scooby-Doo or Hocus Pocus.

What are your fundraising ideas for Halloween? Let us know about your upcoming Halloween fundraising event below.

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