Don’t let rain stop play… or learning!

Don’t let rain stop play… or learning!

The Great British Weather is a topic we discuss endlessly, yet the term “great” is rarely used to describe the weather we actually experience! Renowned globally for its unpredictability and affinity for rain, the British weather often takes the blame for dampening outdoor events and plans.

Due to the ever-looming possibility of a sudden downpour, many events, including those in schools, are often pre-emptively moved indoors to safeguard against the whims of the weather. Teachers opt for indoor lessons, and break times turn into indoor affairs, with rain-soaked playgrounds keeping children huddled under porches or inside classrooms.

The solution is to create a sheltered, waterproof outdoor area within the school grounds, either adjacent to a building or in the playground. This could be achieved by getting a canopy installed at your school. This innovative approach provides an all-weather outdoor learning and play space that defies the constraints imposed by rain.

Young children can engage in play without slipping on wet ground, and outdoor play equipment finds a home under the shelter, accessible even in wet weather when it would typically be off-limits due to slip hazards. Lessons can seamlessly transition outdoors with no fear of rain disrupting planned activities. Students can explore the area outside the shelter, ensuring their clothing is suitable for the conditions, and then retreat under the canopy to document their findings or participate in group discussions. Messy tasks involving water, sand, or paint can also unfold under the shelter, eliminating concerns about spillages.

The presence of a sheltered area can be a game-changer, encouraging children to venture outdoors even in the rain, knowing they have a readily accessible space to shelter if needed. While trees offer some natural cover, for schools lacking in this department, a canopy emerges as an ideal alternative or addition to existing shelters. Canopies not only deliver permanent shelter but can also be fitted with guttering and water butts to collect rainwater, providing an eco-friendly water source for school gardens or playgrounds and offering valuable learning opportunities for young minds.

Installing a canopy becomes a multifaceted solution, providing protection not only from rain but also from the sun when it decides to grace us with its presence. All structures from Able Canopies boast exceptional UV protection, enabling lessons to unfold in hot sunny conditions within a cooler, more open environment than a traditional classroom.

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