Easter Fundraising Ideas for Social Distancing

Easter Fundraising Ideas for Social Distancing

While the UK Government hopes we will be out of lockdown by the February half-term, there is no guarantee. In fact, it all rests on several statistics going in the right direction. Therefore, planning for the Easter Fundraising season needs to be adjusted to be covid-19 secure.

Here are some ideas that you could consider.

1. Virtual Zoo
Lots of families have pets and some have more unusual pets like reptiles, birds and amphibians. While you can’t have these into your school for visits and exhibition, you can ask parents to do short presentations about their pets and then show them online. Businesses can sponsor a video or you could charge for a tour of the virtual zoo.

If you want some ideas about how this can work, you can view many YouTube channels that have pet room tours or Chester Zoo who have done virtual Zoo tours throughout 2020.

2. Online Quiz
Do a quiz online where a question sheet can be placed and families can submit their answers online. Charge for an entry and offer a prize for the family with the most correct answers. There are some great options when it comes to hosting a quiz online but it may take time for you to set this up.

Businesses can get involved by donating prizes and advertising your quiz to their customers. The more that submit answers, the more money you can make.

3. Sponsorship
Get your teachers to do something for sponsorship. Whether it is a sponsored run or something more unique, like two teachers playing a sponsored tennis match, there are plenty of ways that you can turn this into an event to raise money. You can show the sponsored event live on YouTube or Facebook and have other mini-events being held at the same time.

4. Selling Merchandise
Easter is a great time for small token gifts like t-shirts, mugs, hats and more. So why not use one of the many print on demand services and sell to your students’ families? You can create a design or use the school logo and design almost anything for your children and their families to order on your website.

The printer will then create and deliver the products direct to those who’ve bought them.

This spring might be similar to the last one, but this time you can be prepared for new fundraising ideas. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t raise funds for your school canopy or new computer room. Use some of the ideas above to help.

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