Enabling Environments – Enhance your outdoor environment

Enabling Environments – Enhance your outdoor environment

Children gain enormous benefits from being outside and ideally they should have access to outdoor space on a daily basis:

The Benefits:

  • Supports Active Learning – Provides rich learning opportunities and the chance for children to use all their senses
  • Allows children to move around without the restrictions, enhancing physical activity
  • Give children access to fresh air and gives them first-hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world
  • Being outdoors offers opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors
  • Supports and enhances the emotional environment created at the nursery by improving the children’s well-being and helps all aspects of children’s development.

Best practise in EYFS

The Outdoor Environment is one of the three key aspects of in the Early Years Foundation stage and it is recommended that a setting ensures children have opportunities to be outside on a daily basis all year round and where possible Early Years providers should link the indoor and outdoor environments so that children can move freely between them.

Link your indoor and outdoor environments with a canopy!

An outdoor canopy or awning is a perfect way to allow children at your nursery to move freely between inside and outside all year round in any weather as it can provide uninterrupted cover from inside to out.

We have helped many Early Years practitioners to enhance their enabling environments with the installation of one of our Coniston canopies. The Coniston is a unique structure as it is so versatile, it can be fixed around corners and incorporate alcoves or awkward shaped areas to provide the cover you need to all your outdoor area to be used all year round, even in rain or snow. This canopy is the most popular choice for our Early Years customers as it is very cost effective yet stylish and blends well with any building style.

An added feature which appeals to our Early Years customers is our Coniston Rainbow Package, which adds coloured posts, post pads and a colourful banner to your canopy, all in the colour scheme of your choice, allowing you to provide a colourful and fun environment which is perfect for younger children to play and learn in.

All of our canopies provide high UV protection and effective protection from rain and snow, giving you a practical outdoor area that can be used for outdoor play and learning year-round.

Able Canopies Ltd. design, manufacture and install canopies and shade structures
at schools, nurseries and educational settings to enable year-round
Free Flow Outdoor Play and Outdoor Learning.
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