Entrance Canopies – The Benefits

Entrance Canopies – The Benefits

It’s well known that first impressions make lasting impressions and so the opinion a new customer or visitor makes when visiting your store or organisation for the first time is vitally important. A customer’s view of a shop is not just made from their experience inside the shop; the exterior of the shop also has an impact in their overall view of your establishment. This is also the case for visitors to hotels or restaurants – if the outside doesn’t look appealing, people may assume the inside is in a similar condition and be put off from going inside. An effective way to lift the face of your shopfront or building is to install an entrance canopy or awning. The difference is often very dramatic and makes an attractive feature of your entrance, inviting people to come in.

oaklands-park-dawlish-devon-whiteside 04 smallAn entrance canopy makes a useful and addition to most buildings, not only does it improve the aesthetics of the building but it effectively highlights the location of the entrance, which particularly handy if your building has multiple external doors. Furthermore, signage can easily be fitted to the canopy to allow you to welcome your visitor, display your store’s name, or provide important information.

If you have a large entrance area you can even use your entrance canopy to provide extra retail floor space, allowing you to display products in this area whilst ensuring they are keep dry and out of the sun.

the-sitting-room-stalbans-hertfordshire-palladio-awning 01 smallAwnings also make effective covered entrance areas, offering many of the benefits of a canopy, plus as they are retractable, they can be closed when not in use which is particularly useful for shops and cafes as the awning can be used to highlight you are open for business. Awnings can also feature signage or logos and, due to the large range of fabric options available, you can create a bright and colourful feature to your building.

So if you find customers walking past your shop or restaurant in favour of a competitor’s, a review of your shop front or building facade may be wise to ensure that your exterior is making the right first impression.

To choose the right entrance canopy for your building download our Good Canopy Guide for no-nonsense advice about the various materials and styles available.

Download The Good Canopy Guide

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