Find Additional Revenue Streams With School Clubs

Find Additional Revenue Streams With School Clubs

It is well known that schools are finding it challenging to balance the books at the moment. Some schools have taken drastic action, such as cutting the school week to four and a half days a week to save on supply teacher costs to help with budgets. But this is only a temporary solution. Instead of finding ways to save on costs, schools should be looking for ways to increase incomes.

While fundraising events for equipment or building projects, like a free standing canopy, can be a great way to raise funds. They tend to have a limited impact on the budgets. Events can only be hosted every so often and the money raised from them isn’t regular and tends to be earmarked for one particular project.

Growing The School Funds

Therefore, it is recommended that you look at what provisions you can provide that can allow your school to raise revenues. One of the most lucrative ways is to run breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs.

This can help parents who have busy work schedules with childcare. The child can also feel more secure, because they’re in an environment they are familiar with. Plus, if your own team provide the activities, they can continue their studies and learning that can help them with grades and more.

You can also benefit by charging for these activities. One school raised £21,000 by having these facilities at their school.

Two Routes

There are two routes that your school can offer to make this reality: rented or self-hosted. Rented is when you rent your school to a third-party to provide the services. This offers you the most stability as the rent will be based on one price. However, the revenue will be much lower.

The second route is hosting the clubs yourself. You will need staff to do this, so costs may rise and revenues are not regular. However, they can be higher and you have more control over what happens inside the clubs.


If your budgets are stretched. Think about ways you can raise regular revenues. Running breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs are an excellent idea that are in high demand and can help you raise significant revenues that can help you maintain a strong learning environment for your students.

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