Five Christmas Fair Stalls to Include at your School’s Fundraiser

Five Christmas Fair Stalls to Include at your School’s Fundraiser

School fairs are a great way for raising funds. Whether you’re looking for an investment into a new school canopy, sports equipment, or looking for maintenance funds, the Christmas fair is sure to help. Numerous stall ideas can help make the event very memorable.

  1. Visiting Santa

This is a typical one that often catches the attention of children. A stall where children can visit Father Christmas and tell him their secret Christmas wishes is always a welcome stall. Parents can pay for the special moment or it can be a donation-based option. Children can also leave with a packet of sweets, a book, or a small toy as a gift.

  1. Train Display

Christmas and model train displays are often associated and this simple solution can delight children. Asking for donations while children watch the trains go around the school can be very interesting and fun. You can add interesting points like creating a model of the local town, the school or somewhere famous to make it attractive.

  1. Craft Stall

Craft stalls are always popular places for children to go to at fairs. You can have it that children can decorate mugs, t-shirts, or other things to have gift-wrapped for their parents for Christmas presents. Children can pay a nominal fee for crafting the item, like £5-£10. These proceeds can then be given to the causes at your school.

  1. Food Stalls

Christmas and food are often associated and numerous food stalls can be hosted at a Christmas fair. For instance, chestnuts, chocolate, cakes, mince pies, and other items can be made and sold at a fair with ease. You might also want to offer other items like sweets, jams and other items that could be bought for presents.

  1. Games

Games are always fun to have at a Christmas fair. These can range from themed options such as pin the nose on Rudolph and snowballs in the bucket. Children can pay a small amount for a chance to win a prize at the event. A good example is a £1 a game for a chance to win a sweet.


Above are some of the stalls that can be run at your Christmas fair that can help you to fundraise more games. What ideas do you have? Who do you have to play Father Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

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