Five Great Ways to Commemorate Student Achievements

Five Great Ways to Commemorate Student Achievements

As we enter into the last half term of the school year, You will be thinking of planning ways to celebrate students’ achievements throughout the year. This could be for year 6 children off to secondary school or you might want to celebrate the childrens’ first year of school in reception or those moving from KS1 to KS2.

Celebrating the year that has passed is a wonderful way to end the summer term and reflect on everything your school children have achieved. It’s a lovely way to say thank you to your pupils for being such stars during the year.

  1. A Celebration Variety Show

You can invite all the parents and perhaps set up the stage outside. You could provide a mixture of entertainment and presentations. You could highlight special achievements, and ask the children to perform if they would like or have any particular talents they would like to share.

  1. A Survival Activity Night

Invite the children to visit the school and set up a survival activity evening. You could ask the teachers to set up different stations for survival skills. For example, one class could help children make dens, another could build a campfire.

  1. Craft a Memory

You could ask for small donations for the children to craft an item to remember their school year by. A ceramic item to decorate would be ideal, particularly for year 6 leavers as they could decorate the item with their friends’ signatures.

  1. Fun Sports Evening

You could put on a range of fun sports for the children to join in with and have a great time together. Quite simple games can work well for this such as a large parachute, rounders and cricket for example.

  1. Family BBQ

You could provide BBQ food for your pupils and their families. The food and drinks can be served from underneath a school canopy. This could be a great opportunity to raise funds for the next school project too.


The school year has entered into the last term and it has come around all too quickly. To celebrate your pupils’ successes of the year you can arrange an event to give them a great send-off. You can use this time to thank your wonderful pupils and to say goodbye to those who will be moving on after the school year. What are your plans for this year?

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