Five Steps To Make Risky Play A Success

Five Steps To Make Risky Play A Success

Risky play offers lots of benefits for your children. It helps them gain awareness of their physical and emotional limits and allows them to develop coordination and self-esteem. However, many don’t like risky play because of the perceived dangers. Yet with some proactive precautions, risky play shouldn’t be dangerous.

To help you with risky play, here are five steps to make it more successful.

  1. Share Concerns Among Staff

All members of staff in your setting need to be involved in a conversation about risky play. They may all have concerns that need to be addressed. Staff who are worried about certain aspects can struggle but by sharing concerns and expectations, you can all work on the same level and help each other manage risks.

  1. Engage With Parents

Parents need to know about your risky play. They need to know why you are doing these activities and how you are managing risks, either by letter or a discussion with parents.

  1. High, But Realistic, Expectations

Children need to grow while they are engaged in risky play. That means you need to set high, but realistic expectations of their abilities. These should be constantly monitored and assessed so expectations can change as they grow and become more confident.

  1. Respect Children’s Motivations

Children are natural risk takers and it is your job to support their risky play in a way that’s safe. Therefore, ask children what they want to do, how they want to play and then find ways to make it happen. You’ll find children will be more satisfied with this style of risky play.

  1. Develop A Common Language For Risky Play

All staff should use the same language to describe risky play whether it’s offering children advice on how to progress in a risk-free way or to stop children doing something that is too risky for them. When talking to children, remember to explain your reasons as children are more likely to respond to requests if they know why.

How do you make risky play safe? What tips do you have?

Let us know in the comments below.

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