The Forgotten Teaching Resource

The Forgotten Teaching Resource

lighthouse-childcare-centre-manchester-lancashire-coniston 01 smallAre you looking to enhance the learning environment at your Early Years Setting or School? The solution may be on your doorstep – literally! Your outside space provides a wealth of learning opportunities and often your can create a stimulating and interesting environment at a lower cost than you would expect. Creating an accessible and popular outdoor area can be a daunting task but the benefits the children can receive can be priceless.

Here are our top 10 reasons to invest in your outdoor area:

1. Learning outside involves the whole brain, body and all the senses.
2. It is a naturally interesting environment and will never be the same two days in a row- whether due to weather changes, plants growing or creatures living in the area.
3. Activities and play in the outside allows children to take risks and practise risk management.
4. An outdoor space allows them to let off steam or built up energy, and encourage exercise
5. Boosts mental and physical wellbeing and confidence
6. Cold and wet weather provides an ideal opportunity for children to practice putting on coats and shoes – developing their fine motor skills
7. Give children the opportunity to learn about the natural world from firsthand experience – meaning they become more comfortable in this environment and more interested in protecting the environment
8. Water, sand and painting learning activities can take place in this environment without worrying about making a mess.
9. In some areas your school or nursery may be the only place where children have access to a safe and natural outdoor space
10. The outdoors can be used in many lessons, particularly Science as children can observe wildlife and the weather, lessons such as Music or English can also benefit as children can write about their experiences when outside or make music inspired by their time in the outdoors.

The benefits or the outdoors are limitless and can be felt but anyone from very young children up to secondary school children and beyond.

In order to make sure you can provide these benefits all year round and in any weather consider installing a permanent canopy structure which will not only protect everyone underneath from the weather conditions but you can also use the area to store outdoor play equipment, keeping it dry and ready for use at any time.

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