The Benefits of Free Flow Play…

The Benefits of Free Flow Play…

Outdoor playThe EYFS framework strongly encourages the use of outdoor spaces as they provide a richer learning environment. A Free Flow environment often works well in Early Years settings as this allows children to move between the indoors and outdoors as they wish and this freedom offers many learning & development opportunities, which include:

1. Children develop greater independence – Free flow play allows children to set their own rules

2. Allowing children to progress at their own pace – some children learn better when outside – with Free Flow Play you can cater for all learning styles and no child will feel rushed into doing a certain activity.

3. Developing decision making skills – children can choose when they want to be and what activity they want to do, this gives children practise in choosing and dealing with the consequences of their choice.

4. Freedom – Access to the outdoors gives children space to run around and expel energy and boosts mental and physical well-being and confidence.

5. Develop an understanding of their environment and surroundings – learning the difference between inside and outside and the natural and man-made environments.

 Don’t let the weather stop play

With all these great learning opportunities, don’t let the weather limit when you can have access to them. On hot sunny days ensure children bring hats and can access shade – make sure you have parents’ written permission to apply sun cream – be sure to check that the child is not allergic to any certain brands.

holy-family-rc-primary-school-cardiff-coniston 01 smallOn cold and wet days make sure all children have access to warm and waterproof outer wear – this offers a great opportunity to teach children how to put on their hats and coats – developing their fine motor skills. A good idea is to have a Outdoor Clothing box and ask parents to donate waterproof clothing etc so there always spares if needed.

Providing a sheltered area in your outdoor area allows you to provide lots of Free Flow play activities whatever the weather. They are particularly useful in heavy downpours and are the perfect place for play equipment which could become slippery and dangerous to use if it got wet- saving you having to wipe it all down after every downpour. And, if you have purchased a canopy that offers UV protection, children can play outside protected from harmful UV rays – all canopies and shade sails in our range offer this feature, allowing you to create a cool, light and airy space even in hot weather.

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