Fun Spring Fundraising Ideas

Fun Spring Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking to raise funds for new sports equipment, IT infrastructure, or a school canopy? With spring comes excellent opportunities to find new ways to fundraise. So here are some fun spring fundraisers:

1. School Lotteries

Every month you can host a school lottery where parents can buy tickets to win one of three prizes. These prizes can be a first, second or third place with corresponding values. You can allow parents to buy as many tickets as they like and you could open up the lottery to other members of the students’ families.

School lotteries are easy to manage and can be managed with just a raffle book. You can also get local companies to donate gifts and prizes to your winners that help them advertise their brand. Also, it saves your fundraising income.

2. Sponsored Walks

Another thing that you can do is go on a sponsored walk. Being outside is great for exercise, and physical and mental health. Sponsored walks can be done around a school playing field, in a park or around the garden of your students. Students can be paid a lump sum for the sponsored event, or you can encourage sponsorship for distance, with longer distances earning more sponsorship.

Sponsored walks can be a great way to encourage the children to take a more active interest in exercise outside.

3. Merchandise

Sell merchandise for your school. There are lots of print on demand businesses that can help you create merchandise from mugs to hoodies and t-shirts. These can be used for gifts for family members (Mother’s Day for example) and just to support the school. You can take the orders, and then the business can deliver the product directly to the buyer.

This can all be done automatically from your website. You select a price, pay the business the printing costs and keep the profits. This can also be run year-round and can be a great way to organise leaver hoodies or to tailor them for specific years.


Fundraising in the New Year can be fun. Consider the above three ways to fundraise for your school with ease. And before long, whether you’re looking to buy more technology or a school canopy, you’ll have the funds you need.

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