How to write a successful funding application

How to write a successful funding application

How to write a successful funding applicationA lot of our customers – particularly Teachers and Nursery Managers contact us because they would like one of our products but they only have a very limited budget. One way to top up your available budget is to apply for funding grants – there are many funding providers and grant schemes out there, and we regularly update our Funding Advice pages with the latest funding opportunities.

Once you have decided on the correct organisations to approach it’s time to start on your application. Writing a funding application can be a daunting task so I have put together my top 10 tips to help you get the best chance of securing funding:

1. Involve the whole school community/organisation in your plans – let them know what you want to do and how you plan to do it, explain about your plans to apply for funding – you may fun someone else has experience of this and can help you. It’s also great to show you have consulted your community as part of your plans and application process to show that you have tried to make sure these improvement will benefit all of the community.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to apply before the funds are needed- it can often take several months for providers to reach a decision about your application.

3. Obtain accurate costs for the project- price up the costs for everything you will need to complete your project successfully, make sure you cover everything and that you are realistic. We will happily supply a site survey and quotation to allow you to know exactly how much is required for our products.

4. Only contact funding providers if you meet their criteria – a call before filling in the application form to check you meet their criteria is a good idea, saving you spending time on applications to organisations which cannot help you.

5. It may seem obvious but give funders the information they have requested and in the form they have asked for it in. Most funders are faced with many more “good” applications than they can fund, so don’t risk being rejected because you haven’t provided what they have asked for.

6. Be honest about your situation and what you want the funding for, funders will like to see a genuine application, not one which just says what you think they want to hear.

7. Be specific about exactly what you will use the funding for- you can use your cost calculations to show exactly what you will be spending the funding on. It is also good to explain why there is a need for the product or work you need funded and how the funded product will make a difference.

8. Explain how you will monitor and evaluate the project and ensure the funding is used to best effect.

9. Don’t give up! In the current economic situation and with the number of applications far exceeding the available funds of most funders you may find you are not always successful. Don’t despair if you get turned down – see what you can learn from the experience and keep trying.

10. As well as applying to funding organisations you could also try to contact local companies and local branches of national companies. A parent/or friend who works at the company is a great way in!

Good luck!

How to write a successful funding application

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