A Dazzling Display! How to Fundraise with Fireworks…

A Dazzling Display! How to Fundraise with Fireworks…

Fireworks have always been popular events. Everyone loves watching fireworks burst into an array of sparkling colours, dazzling the night sky.

While there is a lot of health and safety involved in firework displays, they can also be a rewarding event that can raise many funds and is guaranteed to put a smile on your guest’s faces.

Below are some key points to remember when organising your fireworks event:

The Legal Stuff
The first thing to consider when organising such an event is to find out what licences and insurances are needed first. This can be costly, and it may take a while to get these in place.

Health & Safety
The second thing to remember is health and safety. Find out what health and safety standards need to be met. Fireworks can be very dangerous, and you need to make sure you have enough staff and health and safety marshals around on the night. You will also need health and safety gear such as high-visibility jackets and maybe radios so everyone can keep each other informed of what is going on and when.

You will need quite a few volunteers on the night, so make sure you have enough support to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

A fireworks display will need a large area; most school fields may be large enough, but find out first as you may need to hire out the local events or playing field.

You can hire out fireworks companies that prepare and let off the fireworks for you, or if you would prefer, you can use your own volunteers, but you may have to buy certain branded fireworks to adhere to health and safety, licence, and insurance rules and policies.

Decide if you would like a bonfire too, and add this to any insurance or licences you may need. Ask for donations from parents and teachers for wood, etc., to burn on the fire.

The Date
Check out any other local communities or schools that are holding fireworks nights. If you want yours to be a big success, it would be best to choose a different date from any other similar events in your area.

Include a hot and cold beverage stall; parents would appreciate being able to buy a hot drink on the night to keep warm, and children generally only drink cold drinks. Selling hot food also tends to be a big success at such events.

Good luck with your event; I hope it proves to be a big success!
In the meantime, if you would like more fundraising ideas, download our free PTA Fundraising Pack, which includes over 24 ideas and a handy checklist for you to check off each task as you go.


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