Fundraising Events for Children

Fundraising Events for Children

When it comes to fundraising, the most fulfilling events have to be those that you organise for children. Unfortunately, us adults don’t get as excited as children (or we don’t seem to show it as much anyway) but children show their excitement and it’s infectious too! If a child sees another child enjoying themselves, they instantly want to join in and get excited too.

Here’s a few fundraisers that you can hold not only to raise funds for your latest project, but also to see the children’s faces light up as they see the hard work you have put in – nothing makes it more worth it than that.

Themed Disco
Don’t be put off by this one – a themed disco can be even more fun that a regular disco and the helpers can get involved too! Add a theme such as a dress code – but try not to be too specific with the rules as not all parents can afford to buy a new outfit for one use and those children may feel left out.

Try something like a shorts and shade theme where children simply wear shorts – any colour and any kind with a top of their choice and sunglasses. Or what about princesses and princes – most children have a fancy dress costume laying around and if not they can be put something together fairly easily with regular clothes.

Hold bingo games for the children where they win prizes (rather than money). Charge a small amount such as £1 for two goes. Prizes could include items that have been donated to the school in order to bring in profit. This event won’t raise high amounts of money but it will be fun for the children and it will also help them learn skills at the same time.

Talent Show

Allow the children to show off their talents in a mini talent show. It can be a great show to watch as the children show of their magician skills and sing voices along with dance routines they have learnt from dance classes out of school. Some children may choose to show off their karate, gymnastics or football skills. Charging a small entry fee to the event for family members will bring in a revenue and you can offer hot and cold beverages on sale too to bring in more cash.

Remember to create a no filming rule, this allows you to have the event professionally filmed and you can sell the DVD’s to the proud parent after.

I hope these ideas have influenced you to try them or maybe something similar, I’d to find out if you have tried these out and how they went or have you got an idea you would like to share? Let us know in the comments box below.


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