Fundraising Ideas For A Wet And Windy Season

Fundraising Ideas For A Wet And Windy Season

Fundraising for a new computer lab, school sports equipment or a school canopy is always important. Over the past couple of years, the fundraising element for most schools has taken a little hit, but it can now resume, sort of.

But the weather can be against some schools. So what are some fundraising ideas for your school during this year’s wet and windy season?


One of the options that you can have is to have a local show that uses local businesses to put on displays in different classrooms. You can have local zoos, sports clubs, activity centres to put on displays to promote their brands. They can be charged a fee to appear at your show and students can move around throughout the day. This is a great way to communicate with local businesses and build a relationship with them for future events too.

Sponsored Events

Whether you’re asking the student’s friends and family to sponsor them taking a walk or reading, sponsorship events are very popular. Students can even suggest what they would like to do for their event.

To try and achieve better fundraising success, you can make it a competition. The classroom that has had the most earnings wins a prize. You might also want to involve a couple of local businesses to sponsor the event.

Film Night

Host a film night at your school. You can host one film or several films at the same time that children can choose between. Charge students an entry per film and then offer sweets, treats and drinks at an additional cost. This is a classic option that often gets lots of interest from students especially if you put on a good few film options for the children.


The weather might not be good this season, but you can always have several fundraising activities to help you afford any investment you want. Look at the options above as three you can do without too many challenges. What ideas do you have?

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