Fundraising Ideas For Bonfire Night

Fundraising Ideas For Bonfire Night

Whether you’re trying to raise funds for a new computer suite or a school canopy, there are plenty of opportunities to fundraise on bonfire night. Here are some ideas about how your school can raise funds on this night, come to the new school term.

1. Night Fair

A classic example would be holding a special night where there are games, food and rides available for children and families to enjoy. This one night can also be ended with a firework display that will impress.

This is a traditional option, but there are many different ways that you can raise funds with this choice.

2. Evening Show

Why not create a play that tells the story of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. This is a great option for children to get involved in the story and learn more about it. It is also a great way that you can raise funds through ticket sales and selling refreshments at the show.

You can also add different shows to the event for different year groups from harvest songs to other Autumn events that are held across the world.

3. Sponsored Events

Children love to dress up or have a sponsored walk/read/event. So why not give children a chance to have that opportunity for bonfire night? Perhaps children could dress up as if they’re from the Stuart period or do a sponsored walk near a local heritage site.

These events encourage families to contribute smaller amounts that make a big difference to fundraising goals.

4. Film Night

A film night is a great way to encourage socialising and have a great time. Film nights can earn money through ticket sales and selling food/drink on the evening. You can host whole families or just have the children attend.

5. Disco

A disco is a classic event that allows children to some time with their friends in a fun environment. You can sell tickets, food, drink and even memorabilia at the event. Of course, you will need a lot of adults and a DJ to help you run a disco.


Regardless of what you’re going to be raising funds for, there are lots of ways that you can raise money for your school. Above are just a few of the options available for you.

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