Fundraising Ideas for Halloween

Fundraising Ideas for Halloween

It is coming close to the spooky season of Halloween which is a great time in the fundraising calendar as there are many opportunities to be able to fundraise for your cause, whether you start competitions, organise activities or even host an event. Parents and carers like to take their children to events to get them into the spirit of Halloween and make an experience for them.

Here are a few fundraising ideas to do for Halloween:

Fright Night Film Night:

One way that people like to celebrate Halloween is to watch scary movies. You could organise a fright night film night in a classroom or a school hall that enables children and possibly parents to watch a scary film together.  A good idea is to have a refreshments stall as who doesn’t like to snack on popcorn whilst watching a movie? Of course, the film doesn’t have to be very scary as some children don’t want to be too frightened, but they still like to celebrate Halloween. However, finding a film that is not too scary should be quite easy to find as there are lots of Halloween-themed films around. Here are some options that I came up with Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Room on the Broom, The Witches, Hotel Transylvania, and many more.

Halloween-themed quiz:

Who doesn’t love a quiz night? So why not create a Halloween-themed quiz night of your own? The quiz can take place at your school, local pub or even online. Many people love quizzes and would pay a small fee to partake in one. Prizes are up to you but as it is Halloween prizes can be some sweet treats. As for questions for the quiz, they can be rounded like Halloween trivia, guessing the Halloween film from the song, naming the actor from Halloween films etc. If you are really struggling, you can always stick to the basics of general knowledge and throw a couple of Halloween-themed questions in there.

Pumpkin carving competition:

Pumpkin carving is a fun activity that mostly everyone enjoys and is even better when there is a little friendly competition included.  This is a great activity for schools and community-based fundraising as it can be done at an event or online. If you’re running an online competition, simply set up a fundraising page and ask the entrants to pay an amount to enter or a small donation. Ask the participants to email a photo of their carved pumpkin to an email address suitable. When the deadline has passed for entries, you can either judge the entries yourself or post them on social media and ask your followers to like their favourite photos. The photo with the most likes will be the winner. If you choose to run a pumpkin craving workshop to raise some funds remember that there are lots of pumpkin carving patterns online that can be downloaded off the internet for free.

Halloween fun run:

Why not organise a Halloween fun run? They can be carried out at your school field or in a local park. To make the run spookier you can get the runners to dress up in fancy dress and have a couple competitions for best costumes or scariest costumes. You could decorate the course with obstacles but make them Halloween-related like a gruesome Slime Pit, a spidery Speed Ladder Rope Obstacle and more. You could even play Halloween music to get everybody in the spooky season mood and then serve some ghoulish refreshments. Runners can pay an entry fee to partake in the event. It’s important to remember that you may need to get licenses or insurance for your event so you will need to contact your council for permission.


In conclusion, there are many activities you can do to help fundraise for your cause in the Halloween Season like fundraising to buy a school canopy. Halloween is a great season to fundraise as people will want to attend events for their kids to have fun and get ready for Halloween itself.

Download our A-Z Fundraising Guide for even more ideas from A right through to Z!

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