Fundraising Ideas For The Summer

Fundraising Ideas For The Summer

Whether you’re fundraising for new IT equipment or a school canopy, you need to find ways to raise funds. The last year and a half have been hard for many families and some have had reduced income, that makes it more challenging for them to donate to your good school funding cause. However, there are ways that you can fundraise this summer, without putting too much pressure on your children’s parents.


The first thing you can try to do is to have sponsors for your school. This can be as simple as having a board at the entrance of your school where those local companies that sponsor you are listed. Or you could have the sponsors listed on letters or on your website.

This is the simplest option to get fundraising going. It also guarantees income because you can charge a set amount for the sponsorship.

Affiliate Marketing

Another option is to create affiliate marketing on your website/email newsletters. You can promote things like books that the children are studying at school or learning materials that parents might find useful for homework.

Affiliate marketing can be connected to many different brands including Amazon and others. It isn’t regular income and not predictable. However, you can have control over what you promote and tie that in with specific learning objectives you have.


Another option is to sell merchandise on your website. This can include mugs, clothing and more items that are branded with your school logo and other images. These can be sold directly on your website and using a print on demand service to help you service orders without having to do anything.

This will require you to have someone manage this area of your business, but it can be a good way to earn extra money.


There are numerous ways that you can fundraise for your school this year without putting too much pressure on parents. Above are three options that can help you raise a little more money for the next project whether that is new equipment for learning or a school canopy for an outdoor learning area.

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