Fundraising Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Fundraising Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is not often seen in the school calendar as a great time for fundraising, yet it is a fantastic time of the year for fundraising. Whether you are looking to buy a new school canopy, new IT equipment, sports equipment, or something else, you could use some of these ideas for fundraising this year.

Postal Service

Children sometimes find it fun to post letters to each other on Valentine’s day. You could use this as a fundraising opportunity and also a teaching session. Teaching children to buy stamps and post them is an important life lesson. You can charge a set price, like 10 pence for a stamp for children to add to an envelope for them to send a card without having to give it to them.

To add to the fundraising, you could perhaps charge a pound per gift they also send.

Film Night

There are so many great Valentine’s day films that are suitable for both children and adults. Film nights are a great option because you can charge a small fee for entry and you can also earn additional funds for snacks and drinks on the night.

You can host several film nights to keep numbers low, or if you have space, have a large number of children at the same time.


There are so many ways that you can use competitions to find funds for projects at your school. For example, you could get sponsors to pay to be represented in competitions whether it is a sports afternoon or a colouring competition. Or you could charge an entry fee for the competition.

If you do a sports day, you could charge entry for spectators to watch the event. Or you could sell merchandise at the event, such as t-shirts, stickers, food, and more.


Host a special Valentine’s day quiz for your school. Send out applications and charge individuals or teams a set amount for entry. The quiz has several questions related to the day. This option not only acts as a fun fundraiser, but it also adds a little competition and can help children to learn more about the day.


While not often celebrated in school, Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to raise funds for your school. With so many options you might want to try running one or two events for your day.

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