Fundraising Ideas Part 2

Fundraising Ideas Part 2

Following on from our Fundraising Ideas – Start of Term Fundraisers blog post. We have come up with some fundraising ideas that you can use to raise some money for your school.

One idea that is quite popular with schools is international evenings. They really help to connect the parents. These events don’t have to be too long, two hours max is normally perfect. The events allow people to taste food from all around the world and represent the variety of nationalities in the school.

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Families can even help out in advance by preparing foods and you can also approach local restaurants and ask for small donations to make the event much more organised and stress free.

Generally, an international evening will feature international dance performances which help get everyone involved and also shows the different type of dancing different cultures do. Children and parents are invited to wear international outfits. You can even have a best dressed competition which may help get the children more involved.

International evenings are normally a huge success and they are also a fun educational opportunity. So why not give it a go!?

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