Top Tips for Organising your Fundraising Event

Top Tips for Organising your Fundraising Event

Depending on the event you’re organising and how many volunteers you have, fundraising can get quite stressful. This can make it easy to forget the important steps that you need to take to ensure your event is legal, safe and runs smoothly.

Below we have listed some important points that you should take into consideration when planning your event.

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Advertising your event well is important to make sure you have visitors and participants. Below is a list of ways you can advertise your event for free or at minimal costs:

  • Flyers – Send flyers home with pupils and ask parents to pass them onto family and friends. Ask local shops if they will keep some by their till’s for customers to pick up
  • Local Newspapers – Contact the local newspapers they will print your story for free if they feel it is interesting so remember to tell them as much info as possible i.e. what your raising the money for and what your target is!
  • Radio – Ask the radio if they can mention your event to help you get for visitors – maybe also tell them what your fundraising for and what your target is!
  • Newsletter – Mention your event it in the school newsletter
  • Notice Boards – Put a flyer in your school notice board and ask local shops if they will put a flyer in their shop window
  • Social Media – If your PTA or school has a Twitter or Facebook account be sure to mention on them
  • Word of Mouth – Ask all parents and teachers to tell their friends and family

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It seems like a obvious one but remember to make sure you have lots of change to give back to customers when they pay for things.

Also appointing a specific person from your group to deal with all cash matters would be ideal. If lots of people are dealing with taking cash, it could get confusing!

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Licences are quite often needed for various events and it is important to make sure you find out if you need a licence well in advance of your event. You can find out if you need a licence by contacting your local council.

For example if you will be selling alcohol at your event, you will need a licence.

If you wish to avoid paying licences for your event, carefully adapting your event may mean that you will no longer need a licence or may reduce the amount of licences you need to apply for. For example, you will need a licence if you are selling raffle tickets in advance of your event but not if you only sell them on the day. Therefore by only selling tickets on the day, you will not need a licence.

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Whatever event you are organising, you will need to make sure that you have liability insurance in place to cover a value of up to 10 million. If you already have insurance in place, it would be best to contact your provider to check whether your planned event will be covered.

If you have any third-party suppliers or fundraisers at your event, they will need their own liability insurance cover so be sure to inform them.

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Health & Safety

Health & safety is a big part of everything these days as I’m sure you’re aware. It is important that health & safety requirements are followed strictly to make sure that no accident occurs that could have been avoided with the correct procedures in place.

To help you follow health & safety requirements, you should always create a simple risk assessment for each event that you organise. For more information about health & safety issues and to see what measures you should take for your event click here > Health & Safety for Events


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