Outdoor Lesson Ideas – KS2 Geography

Outdoor Lesson Ideas – KS2 Geography

We are born with curiosity in our veins and it stays with us right through to adulthood but it just becomes a little less prominent as we have learnt from our curiosity and can’t be curious about things we already know. But when we are young, our curiosity is at its highest, particularly during the primary school years.

When it comes to teaching children about the world, including Geography, it is important to make the most of their curiosity rather than pushing it to the side. The outdoors is a rich resource for education and it is also important to use this valuable and free teaching aids to your advantage.

Putting both of these factors together will result in lessons that are engaging and full of interesting knowledge. The outdoors can be unpredictable with the weather and items, animals and insects you may find along your outing, this adds to the excitement of the lesson and the life skills and knowledge that can be acquired.

Allow your children to learn from the environment by encouraging them to use their senses to explore (whilst explaining the importance of not using their sense of taste of course). This can be the perfect time to forage and teach children not only how wonderful the outside is, but also to teach them what plants they need to stay away from such as Giant Hogweed which was recently in the press and Stinging Nettles.

Ideas include providing your class with worksheets so they can keep track of items and insects they find, you can teach them to build insect homes and to watch the colonies grow over the weeks and months. Allow them to use magnifying glasses and to collect different leaves which can be brought back to the classroom make collages in art lessons.

Once the hunt is over you can then hold a lesson where all children share their experiences and discuss what they found fascinating, what they were amazed at, what they discovered that they didn’t already know and what they enjoyed the most. This can be a bonding session and it can also enable you to get to know the children in your class more.

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