Giving Specifiers What They Want

Giving Specifiers What They Want

A recent report from NBS looked at what it is that specifiers want from manufacturers and suppliers in construction. It is a comprehensive piece of work and well worth reading. You can find it here

The report is based on the feedback from more than 500 respondents who completed the NBS survey.

For those who don’t have the time to read it in full, the report helpfully summarises the key things that specifiers are looking for and how they set the better manufacturers apart from the rest. The top 8 deciding factors are:

  • Product performance criteria – that is up to date and easy to find. This is essential for manufacturers as it is seen as the most influential factor for specifiers.
  • Not surprisingly, relationships and previous experience of the manufacturers and their product are a powerful element when choices are being made. This builds trust and gives the specifier more confidence that the final result will be delivered correctly.
  • Does the product conform to standard? If not, it won’t be specified. Obvious but still an essential detail.
  • The availability of manufacturer support and assistance during the design and construction phases. This is related to the relationships with specifiers and shows the value to manufacturers of nurturing relationships and investing in support and advice.
  • Price, while not the top factor is still very important.
  • The provision of credible product guarantees, are like meeting standards and price, one of the more obvious points, but the fact that they are raised suggests they may not always be available.
  • Making your specification information readily available to specifiers was noted as a key requirement, especially when the report also highlighted how few manufacturers get this part right. It is not just about having info available on your own website. You need to be where specifiers are looking.
  • Product maintenance is another key area for manufacturers to be up to speed with.

Our own experience is in line with the feedback from the NBS Report. We know that where we have good relationships and positive experiences with specifiers we have a good chance of being specified again. We have taken up the mantle of trying to make our specification information available in more places and easy to use, which is also helping. And we constantly look to improve the quality and performance of our products. There is always more to do of course, as improvement is a continual process, but feedback like this from NBS shows that our investment will pay dividends.

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