Great Crafts For The New School Year

Great Crafts For The New School Year

The new school year is fast approaching and you’re probably hard at work getting ready for returning students and new intakes. One of the activities you’ll be looking to start is craft.

Craft activities are great because they allow children to develop critical skills, build confidence and allow them to express themselves.

This year, autumn has come slightly earlier. Leaves are starting to turn and some fruits are already ripening. For some, the end of summer is a sad time, but it’s also a great time to collect natural items from your outdoor spaces and use them in crafts.

For this year, we’ve collected some of the best craft ideas using outdoor items for your setting.

  1. Leaf Crown – your children become royalty when they use string leaves together to make a crown. This little activity is great for fine motor skills and the results can be very attractive. Plus they make a great game at the end of the activity.
  2. Leaf Letters – glue leaves onto a piece of paper to spell out words. A great way to teach letters, spelling and craft skills. This can be used in conjunction with other activities on wall displays.
  3. Toilet Roll Scarecrow – Scarecrows are great potential learning tools. Help children make their own using a toilet roll as the body and using natural items as parts of the face and body. The scarecrows can be used as window displays or in pretend play games.
  4. Bark Animals – Use bark from trees with other parts of fallen nature to get children to create animals. This is great for learning about animals, different textures and what things are. Bark animals make great display pieces as well.
  5. Leaf Rubbings – This is a classic craft which is a staple up and down the country.
    The details available are amazing and a great talking point with children.
  6. Recreating A Forest – Using sticks and fallen leaves, children can recreate trees and together make a forest. Simply glue fallen leaves onto the sticks and collect the trees together.
  7. Pine Cone People – Using pine cones and other bits from nature, your children can create people. Alternatively they can use the pine cones for creating animals.
  8. Conker Snakes – Connect conkers together and string them together to create a snake. Children can then paint them to create a stunning animal model.


Autumn is here early and with the new school year about to begin, it’s a great time for outside craft activities. Above are eight cool ideas for your craft sessions that children will love and the finished articles can be used as display or play items.

What craft ideas do you have? Have you tried one of these ideas?

Let us know in the comments below.

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