Great Outdoor Games To Inspire Learning For Young Students

Great Outdoor Games To Inspire Learning For Young Students

As the summer holidays are upon us, your thoughts might turn to how you can add learning activities to the school day during the Autumn term. There are lots of seasonal changes at this time with more rain, wind and coldness expected throughout the September to December term. However, playing and learning outside is still important.

There are lots of games too that can help children to learn while outside. Here are some of the fun games that can be played during this season to encourage learning.

1. Treasure Hunt

The first game is a treasure hunt. Give children five items to find in the school and tell them to split into teams and find those items. The treasure can be hidden anywhere from under the school canopy to on the playing field. A treasure hunt game is an important game because it teaches teamwork, problem-solving and is a great physical activity too.

2. What’s The Time Mr Wolf

One child acts as the Wolf and all the other children have to creep closer to them while their back is turned. The number of steps closer to the wolf the children have to walk is determined by the child playing the wolf when they say a time. The number of hours is the steps forward. But at dinner time, all the children have to run away from the wolf. This game is great for exercise and helps with numeracy.

3. Hop Scotch

Hopscotch is a simple but great game for children to play. It allows them to learn numeracy, patterns and more. It is also good for physical activity and can be played in small groups or large groups. Hopscotch can also be altered to fit the current curriculum, so you can change it to make it more meaningful for the current subjects that you’re focusing on.


While the summer holidays are currently around, plans for the new term will have already started. The three games above are excellent choices for outdoor activities that allow you to combine fun with learning and engage students to provide a better learning experience.

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