Exciting Outdoor Educational Activities for Springtime Exploration

Exciting Outdoor Educational Activities for Springtime Exploration

As the freshness of spring is almost in our grasps with its vibrant colours and improved weather, it’s an opportune time to plan your springtime outdoor learning sessions. Here are some engaging and educational ideas to consider for the season:

Enchanting Fairy Gardens:
Cultivate the imagination of young minds by creating fairy gardens in your school garden or playground. Utilise everyday materials such as toilet roll tubes and cardboard boxes, along with natural materials such as twigs, moss, and stones. This delightful activity not only fosters creativity but also imparts valuable craft skills, motor skills, and design elements. Integrate science by observing and discussing changes in the garden after wet or windy weather.

Timeless Clay Prints:
Harness the wonders of nature in artistic endeavours with clay prints. Capture leaf impressions that can be painted later for a personalized touch. Extend the activity by having children craft nature models like trees or garden scenes. This not only explores artistic expression but also provides lessons in materials (such as the transformation of clay) and the diversity of tree leaves.

Feed our Feathery Friends:
Create an immersive learning experience by observing birds feeding from a bird feeder. This activity offers insights into bird species, their unique features, and the importance of conservation. Elevate the experience by experimenting with different foods and observing the birds’ preferences. Pose questions like, do they favour fruits, vegetables, mealworms, or seeds? Also, download bird identification sheets and ask pupils to tick off the birds they spot.

Spring provides an abundance of learning opportunities for educational settings which are both enjoyable and educational. To minimize classroom mess and provide shelter from unpredictable weather, these activities can be enjoyed under the protection of a school canopy.

We would love to hear about your planned springtime learning activities and any tips you may have for making the most of this vibrant season.

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