Halloween Fundraisers For Your School

Halloween Fundraisers For Your School

It’s the beginning of October and that means that it’s the start of the winter fundraising events. This year promises to be an interesting time with the threat of lots of snow and a harsh winter. Still, that doesn’t stop your funding requirements and you should be looking to actively fundraise for your school or preschool.

As Halloween is coming up, we thought we’d look at some of the top ways you can fundraise for your school. Here are some great options.

  1. Scary Film Night

Get the popcorn and a good film and sell tickets (and snacks) for one night. Children love films and enjoying them together is great fun. Capture that excitement at your school with a one-night film showing that could include a classic Halloween films.

  1. Dress-up Days

Halloween and dressing up go together very well, so why not have a special day where participants can wear fancy dress for a small donation. You can even give prizes out for the best dressed. A fundraiser for all that’s great fun.

  1. Scary Cake Stall

Kids love cakes and having a cake sale is a great way to celebrate Halloween and raise some money. With some creative baking skills you can easily theme the cakes and treats on sale and ensure your day gets some laughs.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Hide clues across your school with a scary theme and get teams of students, parents and teachers racing around to find them. Teams pay for participation and winners can get prizes. This is a great fundraiser as you can also sell other items during the event to help increase income.

  1. Animal Experiences

Spiders, scorpions and snakes are always associated with Halloween, so why not hire an animal experiences company to come to your school and sell tickets for experiences with them. This can be a fascinating experience for children and educational too.

What will you do to raise funds this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below if you can think of another suggestion to add to the above.

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