Halloween Fundraising Ideas

Halloween Fundraising Ideas

Halloween is a really popular event every year and it is a great time to get started with your school fundraising for the year. First of all, you should get together with the PTA and hold a meeting with parents who would like to be part of the process, teachers, and your headteacher.

You can then decide what the PTA should fundraise for this year. Does the school need a new canopy or sports equipment? Perhaps you would like to purchase new school instruments. Once you have decided on your fundraising goal, you can get fundraising!

Halloween Dress-Up Show

You could have an after-school Halloween dress-up party and turn the school into a runway to show off the students’ fancy dress creations. Encourage the children to go up in groups or their classes and offer a prize to the best-dressed group!

This event can raise money through tickets and purchasing food, drinks, and sweets at the party. Music should be spooky to dance to!

Halloween Cinema Night

Set up the big screen and host a spooky cinema night for your students. Sell tickets to the event and popcorn and drinks on the night. You might want to offer this event for families and offer several screenings across the week to maximise the amount you can raise. Select a classic film that is sure to be enjoyed by all, like Hocus Pocus.

Halloween Craft Event

Halloween is a great time for crafting. You could put together a small crafting bag that people could purchase and then do together at an after-school event. Just put out lots of lunch tables and chairs for parents and students to sit around and enjoy crafting.

Place lots of fun decorations around and play some spooky tunes to create a Halloween atmosphere. You could include stained glass window painting, mask making, etc.

Halloween Baking Competition

Halloween cakes often look great and you could run a baking competition to win a prize and then

sell the cakes to raise funds.

Spooky Treasure Hunt

Hide some spooky clues around the school grounds. Decorate the school with Halloween decorations and perhaps ask teachers or parent volunteers to jump out at various times! If you host the event when it is getting darker this will add to the effect but make sure everyone is safe.

You could raise more funds by selling fun accessories on the day like glow sticks, light-up toys and drinks.


Halloween is a really fun time of year for fundraising ideas at your school. Here are five great ideas to get your fundraising activities started. Let us know what you are planning for your school’s Halloween event in the comments below!

Download our A-Z Fundraising Guide for even more ideas from A right through to Z!

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