Hitting the Big Time

Hitting the Big Time

We are immensely proud of all our installations but there are always the unique ones that stand out a little more than the others.

They might be the one where we get to use a new material for the first time or have had to overcome the challenges of a difficult site, or maybe we’ve had to develop a unique fixing to finish a job successfully. And sometimes it’s just because the project is big. In the world of canopies, size does matter!

Our recently completed installation of a huge Tarnhow timber canopy is a great example of that. It is a big weather protection solution for a large uncovered space. It showcases the beauty of a timber frame and how well the natural material works with the surrounding buildings. It also delivers the practical benefits that schools require. In this case, it was the provision of the maximum useable space that was safe and flexible. The Tarnhow Done Free Standing Canopy allowed the space to be covered with no central supporting posts, meaning children could move freely under the canopy. This also allowed the space to be used in many ways – dining, break times and even school events. This approach also delivered a cost-effective price that could not be achieved with other options, such as steel.

The pictures show the finished canopy which is a colossal 35 metres long, by 11 metres wide and 5 metres high. It fits in perfectly with the surrounding buildings and turns what could have been dead space into the vibrant heart of the school day, with many pupils using it for dining and meeting.

The aesthetic impact of a timber framed canopy is clear, but it is not just about good looks. They are sustainable, durable and fire resistant to recognised British Standards. This is a powerful combination that could make the Tarnhow the ideal choice to transform your outside space.

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