How A School Canopy Can Protect Outdoor Equipment

How A School Canopy Can Protect Outdoor Equipment

School budgets are not exhaustive and often it is about maintaining your equipment as long as possible to prevent having to pay out more to replace it. Outdoor learning equipment and play items that are often left outside are the items that are at most risk of damage.

However, a school canopy is a great way to often protect these items from damage. Here’s how.

1. Protects From Bad Weather

Whether it is snow or hard rain, having equipment hidden and stored under a canopy can be a good way to protect large items that can’t go into the classroom or the limited other storage areas from damage from exposure.

Constant access to the wet can often make these items very dirty and can lead to mould issues when left outside. This will increase the need for you or a member of your team to clean the equipment.

2. Protects From Wind

School canopies are an excellent way to protect items from the wind. Under canopies, the speed of the wind can be reduced and this will prevent some equipment from falling over. A small fall can break certain equipment, especially if it is plastic and has undergone stress recently.

You can also secure items left outside with rope or lie them down when finished. But if they’re in use and there is a strong wind, a school canopy might reduce the chance of the item falling down.

3. Reduce Damage Due To UV Rays

The sun can cause significant damage to the look of the equipment. Constant exposure to UV from the sun can dull the colours of your plastic and metal equipment. In addition, in certain conditions, the UV rays can damage the materials and make them more brittle and easier to break.

A school canopy can reduce the exposure of the equipment to this kind of damage.


When it comes to the outdoor equipment used at your school, finding good storage is a must. A school canopy is a great way to protect some items that are too large for other storage options. And with good storage, you can reduce the need to replace some of the school equipment regularly as well as improve the aesthetic look of your education setting by keeping school equipment looking fresh and newer for longer.

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