How a Shade Sail can improve your Early Years setting

How a Shade Sail can improve your Early Years setting

Shade Sail Array Installed at Aunt Mary's Private Day Nursery in ManchesterI love seeing young children enjoying themselves whilst playing and learning outside in the sunshine, and it upsets me that we have to ask them to come indoors because they’ve been in the sun too long or because it’s getting to hot outside. Shade Sails enable children to play outside for long periods of time without them getting to hot and reduces the risk of sunburn and heat stroke.

Of course, I would never advise you not to put sun protection cream on children and I always agree that sun cream is a must for children and adults however, Shade Sails offer added protection as they provide up to 96% protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. This gives the children extra protection against the risk of heat stroke, burning and skin cancer.

Shade Sails also create a cool, shaded area so when it is hot and humid, young children can play underneath the Shade Sail without getting too hot. As the Shade Sail fabric is woven, it allows cool air to flow through the material which gently cools down anyone that is playing underneath.

Shade Sail Array installed at Hayes Park School in Hayes, MiddlessexAnother benefit of woven shade sail material is that they let the rain through. If you choose to have your Shade Sail installed over grass, your grass will not be ruined and it should still grow as it always did. The rain coming though the fabric will water the grass naturally and light will still also be able to get to the grass to enable it to grow naturally.

What I love most about Shade Sail is the bright and colourful arrays that can be created from installing multiple sails with different colour fabrics. Click here to view a selection of Shade Sail colours and designs that we have previously created for our customers. Choosing a selection of different colour Post Pads also brighten up the sun sail structures beautifully.

So what do you think? Could your nursery or pre-school benefit from a colourful, cooling Shade Sail array? Download our brochure to find out more about our shade sails or click here to view them online.

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