How Moving Showcases Outside Can Help Your School

How Moving Showcases Outside Can Help Your School

Covid-19 has forced numerous changes upon the way that things are done in school. A couple of years ago, regularly parents would be invited around to see their children’s work in the classroom. It was an excellent opportunity for children to showcase their achievements and get parents engaging with classroom learning.

However, Covid-19 has made it almost impossible to run these events. However, there are ways that you can run these events, safely and this is by hosting these events outdoors, either on the playground or under a school canopy.

The Benefits Of Hosting The Showcases Outside
There are numerous benefits of hosting the showcases outside. For one, you can utilise a wider area in an environment which is known not to allow the transmission of Covid-19 as well as indoor settings.

In addition, you can spread the work around a larger area, therefore you can enforce more social distancing. Finally, you can also host the outdoor showcase for longer by doing the showcase in groups. This reduces the number of parents and students within an area and therefore makes them safer.

Finally, you’ll be making parents feel like they’re part of their children’s education. Something that with the recent pandemic has perhaps been lost.

Outside exhibitions will take more organisation and there are some issues with the idea, but as there’s likely not to be much movement on social distancing for foreseeable future, this might be a great idea.

The Problems With Outside Showcases
There are some issues with outside showcases. The obvious problem being that you have to deal with the weather. This is why school canopies can be a great investment. But you might need to have a couple of days to ensure that there are times when parents can do the outdoor showcase and be in good weather.

Another problem is ensuring there is space outside that can accommodate the work and more. For example, you will need tables or display boards that can be moved into place. This will create a lot of work for you and your team, but it could be worth it.

Outside learning is really useful for children. Therefore, why not let parents see the work their children have done inside and outside of the classroom in an outdoor environment? This can help you showcase your students’ hard work and allow your parents to feel part of the learning again.

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