How Outside Reading Can Enhance the Experience

How Outside Reading Can Enhance the Experience

Reading outside is a great way to make more of the experience. You can enjoy the changing seasons and the weather while reading. Being outside can enhance the children’s memory and adds a fun element to reading time.

Here are some ideas for enjoying reading outside.

Reading Picnic

The children could use the time in cooking lessons to bake some simple cakes to eat outside while reading. Scones or small cakes make a great option, or you could make some savoury pasties or samosas for example. These can be packed up in a cool bag and taken outside to share among the class while enjoying their favourite books.

Reading Out Loud

Outside is the ideal place to share your class storybook. You can ask the children to take turns to read from the text. A school canopy will enable you to all get outside to enjoy the class text whatever the weather. If it is raining the canopy will offer shade and if it is a bright sunny day, the canopy will protect the children from the sun’s UV rays.


Re-enacting favourite books or the class text is a great way to explore characters and what is happening in the story. You could focus on inference and ask children to act out what they think might happen when you get to a certain part of the story.

Treasure Hunt

In early years you could print and cut out scenes from a story. This would be ideal for fairy tales like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You could hide these scenes around the playground and playing field and ask the children to find them in teams. They can then work to put together the story and demonstrate story sequencing.

Spelling Tests

Print off some large letters on paper and you can ask the children to work together to spell out words and practice their spelling. This is an ideal activity under your school canopy as it will keep the paper dry but would also work well on a sunny day when the playground or school field is dry.

Alternatively, the children could take their wipe boards outside to practice their spelling.


Reading is such an important aspect of education and taking your class outside to read can enhance the activity. How do you make the most of reading outside with your pupils? Let us know in the comments below.

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