How Outside Drama Lessons Can Help Mental Well-Being

How Outside Drama Lessons Can Help Mental Well-Being

Drama and outside play are great not just for mental health, but also for your students to learn about themselves. Combining the two can be great fun, especially in the last term. So here are some ideas on how outside summer drama can help with your students mental well-being.

Explores Emotions and Communications

One of the biggest challenges for children is finding a way that they can communicate with others. It can often mean that children can get frustrated in social situations and this can lead to conflict and upset. However, drama can be a great way to learn about different communication techniques and explore emotions.

It is often found that drama can also be a good way for some children to learn more about themselves and explore their personalities. It’s a good option for those who are also shy to find ways to feel appreciated for their contributions.

Improves Confidence

Both playing outside and drama can help improve confidence. Confidence is linked so intricately to success. Those who are confident will be able to better perform in exams and coursework, and they will also be able to contribute better in the classroom, especially during group exercises or when you’re asking for solutions from the class.

Confidence can also be good for work in later life. They’ll be able to take on tasks that are outside of their comfort zone, making them a more valued team member.


Drama is a form of exercise and being outside is known to be good for health. Spending more time outside allows children to benefit from the fresh air. And because they’re outside, they’re more likely to be active and happy, helping them to reduce unhealthy habits.

This can be very important.

Improves Mood

Playing outside and drama can be great ways to improve the mood of those partaking in the activity. And students should notice the effects as they are doing the activity. They should also notice an improvement in their mood after taking part in outside drama lessons.

One of the problems is that children might become frustrated if they aren’t participating and feel like they’re isolated. So it is important to always have smaller groups, where children can participate significantly throughout the lesson.


For children, outdoor playtime and drama are excellent combinations that can help them explore their feelings and be more active. Finding ways to build drama and outside time into your school lesson plan.

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