Nature Lessons for Home Learning – How to Build a Hedgehog Home

Nature Lessons for Home Learning – How to Build a Hedgehog Home


  • Set outdoor activities that they can both get involved in
  • Time spent outside is good for the mental health of children and adults alike
  • Building a hedgehog home is a great way to build many skills that a laptop simply can’t

Many children find it challenging to stay focused and engaged while learning at home, as sitting through lessons in a domestic environment can be quite taxing. Additionally, parents, who are often unaccustomed to the role of educator, are finding themselves overwhelmed and stressed as they navigate this new responsibility. This situation highlights the need for supportive resources and strategies to help families manage home-based education more effectively.

It’s important to remember that children don’t need to stay indoors all day if they have access to a private outdoor space, like a garden. Outdoor activities can provide a refreshing change of pace. If your curriculum permits, this could be the perfect opportunity to inject some extra creativity into your teaching methods and encourage learning in a new environment.

Getting children outside in nature is great way to tend to their itchy feet and use up some of their built-up energy. Many studies have also found that time spent in nature is therapeutic and will therefore benefit your pupils, their parents and yourself.

Build a hedgehog Home

A great outdoor task can be to teach your pupils how to look after our wildlife such as our wonderful little hedgehogs. There are many tutorials that are widely available online which include using different materials and skill levels and of course, parents can improvise and use materials that already have around the home and garden. This activity would require parents to provide lots of help however, I think many parents may be grateful for a break from sitting a desk all day.

Outdoor activities such as building a hedgehog home can help build fine motor skills, communication skills, and team building skills. Here’s a couple of tutorials we found that are worth considering:


Image Credit: The Wildlife Trusts


The Wildlife Trusts have some fantastic tutorials for outdoor activities that children can enjoy both at home and at school. Their How to Build a Hedgehog Home activity is easy to follow however, it does require materials such as plywood and polyethene sheeting which many parents may not having laying around spare. I’m sure many other materials will make suitable alternatives such as swapping the polyethene for reusable plastic bags that do not biodegrade and swapping the plywood for any kind of wood or even cut logs.


Image Credit: Muddy Days Blog


The Muddy Days Blog also has a great tutorial for How to Build a Hedgehog Home that requires much simpler materials such as a cardboard box rather than wood however, it may not last long in the rain so positioning it under a sheltered area would be ideal.

These activities are also perfect for when children are back at school and can be enjoyed in all weather conditions under a school canopy. If you already have a canopy, you will know how invaluable they are and if not, download our brochure below to see how we can transform your outdoor lessons.

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Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with The Wildlife Trusts or Muddy Days and this s not a sponsored post. We are simply sharing the information as they look like great resources, using them would be entirely your own choice.