How to Clean Shade Sail Cloth

How to Clean Shade Sail Cloth

The summer is the perfect time to get outside and give your shade sail cloth a good clean. Whilst the sun is shining it will dry your cloth in no time, enabling you to use it for protection from the sun in no time.

Shade Sails which are also known as sun shades and sun sails feature fabric that is not waterproof and although they require minimum maintenance, they do need to be cleaned periodically. So, its important to clean your commercial shade sail cloth safely and effectively to maintain its guarantee and long-life span.

The fabric we use for our commercial shade sails is High Density Polyethylene, also known as HDPE. HDPE is fairly inert to dirt, moisture and some chemicals. This means that dirt will not stick to the individual yarns in the fabric and it will not rot, unlike like canvas or similar products.

Because the fabric is knitted together, dirt and moisture can get trapped in between the HDPE fibres. At a quick glance, this may give the appearance the the fabric has mildew on it and is rotting, but it is not the case. Simply cleaning the fabric periodically will remove the dirt and grime and bring the shade sail fabric up like new.

To clean your shade sail cloth, use low concentrate, non-abrasive pH neutral detergent in warm water (50 °C max.) It is important that the detergent does not contain acidic chemicals or solvents as this can weaken the fabric’s resistance against UV radiation.

Apply the warm, soapy mixture to the fabric using a long, soft bristled mop or brush and rinse with a fairly strong flow of fresh water.

Our shade sails are designed to be left up all year round and are therefore not removeable so please take care cleaning the fabric whilst it is in place on the canopy and wear appropriate PPE.

Ensure that the cleaning solution you use does not contain any alkalines, acids or halogens such as chlorine, bromine or Iodine. Usually washing up liquid is perfect for the job however every brand varies, so be sure to read the ingredients list first.

Now you know how to clean shade sail fabric, you can get started on the job, or are you looking to purchase a new shade sail and was interested in the maintenance before committing? If so, take a look at our shade sails here, You can also view our waterproof shade sails here.

Alternatively, download your free copy of The Ultimate Shade Sail Guide to help you choose the perfect shade sail for your outdoor area.

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