How to Fundraise on Sports Day

How to Fundraise on Sports Day

Sports day is one of the most anticipated summer days at school for many. Parents, grandparents, and school children love this exciting day filled with events. However, have you considered seeing sports day as a great opportunity to fundraise for your school? If you are choosing to fundraise for your school, for example, for a school canopy, sports day is a great day to demonstrate how beneficial it will be!

So how can you raise funds for your school on sports day?

Drinks and Snacks

You could have a catering tent set up and sell refreshments to parents and grandparents. Sports days are a long event and refreshments are rarely offered so these could be appreciated. Both hot drinks and cold drinks could be made available with snacks. Strawberries and cream would be a great option if you can manage it!

Ice Cream

You could charge the local ice cream van to pitch on the school field at the end of the event. You could then donate this fee to your cause. Make sure you have a donation bucket next to the ice cream change to collect loose change.


Set up a great space for photos, like on a podium, and take photos of the kids to then sell prints to the parents and grandparents. Try and find someone with photography skills to volunteer, as the better the pictures, the more likely parents are to purchase them. It will take some organisation but if you check which photo the parents or grandparents like, you could charge so much per print and raise some great funds in this way.


You could sell some merchandise, like keyrings, teddies, or clothing with the sports day date and the school as a memento to purchase. Do some research to find out what items might be possible. You could always order a small number of items for display and take orders on the day to deliver the mementos later on.

Sports Day Raffle

You could sell tickets for a sports day raffle at the entrance and to parents during the event when there are breaks. You could ask for donations before sports days that are perhaps relevant to sports.


Sports Day is everyone’s favourite day of the school year and it is a great fundraising opportunity. There are lots of options for you, from catering to merchandise. Which one will you choose?

Download our A-Z Fundraising Guide for even more ideas from A right through to Z!


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