How to Incorporate Music into Your Lessons

How to Incorporate Music into Your Lessons

Introducing music into your lessons can have wonderful effects on your pupils. As I’m sure you’re aware, music can quickly change your mood as songs can make memories and the feelings associated with those memories arise. They can soothe you, excite you comfort you, uplift you and make you dance! A foot tap can soon turn into a full-blown dance routine when the right song comes on the radio…

How can I incorporate this into my day to day lessons?

There are several ways, you can either introduce it subtly or directly.

Music for each time of the day or lesson
You can play specific songs in the run up to specific times of the day such as break times, lunch time and home time so children can either wind down or get themselves excited for the upcoming timetable.

Background Music
If you find that children are a little unsettled during certain times of the day, maybe after lunch time as they are still excitable from playing games you can play some calming music in the background to help them concentrate.

On the other hand, if you find that they are a little sleepy first thing in the morning you can introduce some upbeat songs to play at the day to wake them up and motivate them.

Let them make the music
Allow children to make their own music, encouraging creativity, flow, rhythm and performance as well as confidence. Taking these lessons outside under a canopy for weather protection reduces noise pollution to neighbouring classrooms and keeps everyone happy.

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