How to Increase Summer Raffle Ticket Sales

How to Increase Summer Raffle Ticket Sales

It’s an exciting time of year for school fundraising and you will have plenty of fun events planned before the end of the school year. One of the highlights of summer is the school fete with a raffle.

You might have started collecting prizes and selling raffle tickets already. When you plan the investments you wish to make with the money raised, such as a new school canopy or playground equipment, you will want to maximise the funds.

So how can you increase summer raffle ticket sales? This article provides some ideas for you to try.

Make it a Competition

You can encourage more raffle ticket sales by making it a competition across the school. You could see which class sells the most raffle tickets, and the winning class could receive a prize such as a film viewing.

Source Lots of Prizes

You can hold dress-down days at school in return for prize donations. Perhaps one day, pupils can bring in sweet treats or cakes. You could also ask people to donate unwanted gifts such as toiletries. Just make sure you store food and toiletries separately. These items can then be collated into hamper boxes to make great prizes for the grand draw.

Source Quality Prizes

Ask local businesses for donations. Many businesses will be happy to offer a prize such as 25% off a meal for a family of four or free children’s tickets, etc. Make it clear where and how they will be advertised in return. Will it be on the welcome board, on the raffle stall, or on a program?

Sell Tickets on the Day

If you set up the raffle stall under your school canopy, you can provide a cool shaded area for families to look at all the amazing prizes on offer and to select their prize. They can also explore the star prizes, which will hopefully be a range of vouchers and experiences.

You can have an area set up for people to purchase raffle tickets on the day and to hold the prize draw at the end.

Final Word

When you have the biggest event in the school fundraising year, the summer fete you have been planning for months, you will want to ensure you maximise the fundraising. One way is to increase the number of raffle tickets you sell. In this article, we share four ways to increase the sales of summer raffle tickets for your school. Let us know how your event goes in the comments below.

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