How To Keep Your School Canopy Clean

How To Keep Your School Canopy Clean

During the autumn and winter months, your school canopy is more likely to become dirty and need some maintenance. Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital for the longevity of your school canopy and with a good schedule, you can reduce repair costs that can be incurred.

1. Clean Off Leaves From The Top

One of the first things that you should be doing is to keep leaves off the top of the school canopy. Autumn leaf falls can add weight to the top of the canopy that can put it under more strain and while the weight of the leaves themselves is unlikely to cause much of a problem, it is a combination of these and other items that can cause problems.

Leaves being cleaned off should be done on a fairly regular basis. This is to ensure that they don’t collect in such a number that they prevent the run-off of other items like water, ice and snow.

In addition to leaves, ensure that you’re removing all sticks, seeds and other items from plants. You might also find that moss starts to grow on your canopy, this should be removed too. And if there are any toys that are up there, best to remove those too.

2. Ensure Any Gutters Are Cleaned

In addition to removing debris from the top of the canopy, you should remove any debris from the guttering that you have, if any, on the canopy. Excess debris in the guttering can cause the water to get stuck and then come out in unplanned places. This can cause damage to your canopy, create an unpleasant area around your canopy or damage a nearby building.

Gutter cleaning should be done once or twice a year and your school maintenance team should be able to complete it with ease.

3. Clear Snow Off The Top

When it comes to snow, this should be removed as soon as possible from canopies. Snow is very heavy and the pressure it can put onto the support struts can be immense. Snow also has a habit of falling off a canopy and if someone is underneath it can be dangerous for them.

If there has been snow during the night, the school canopy should be clear before children arrive. Until it is clear, you might want to consider re-routing entrances away from these areas to allow your school maintenance team to clear the snow.


Above are three easy tips to ensuring that your school canopy is kept in good condition over the autumn and winter months. This protects your canopy from damage and ensures that you don’t have to pay any hefty repair fees on them.

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