How to Make History Fun Outside in Autumn

How to Make History Fun Outside in Autumn

If you are planning to make some changes to your current history schedule, you might want to include some time outside with your history lessons. Learning outside can enhance children’s ability to retain what they have learned. You might want to consider setting up some benches under your school canopy so the class can study outside in all weather.

Here are some fun ideas for history lessons outside.

Historical Play

If you are studying a particular time in history, consider if it would work well being acted out. For example, you could produce a storyboard for the Gunpowder plot which your KS1 class can cut and stick out in order, then they can get together in groups to act out the historical events. This can be a memorable way to learn a historical sequence.


You can take your history books outside to enjoy reading in the fresh air. Being inside can enhance memory and help with learning. The children can take turns to read from the text. If it’s sunny weather you can sit under your school canopy which will protect your class from the sun’s UV rays.

Treasure Hunt

You could hide some laminated pictures around the playground and host a historical treasure hunt. You could just ask your pupils to find images of artifacts or you can set up a series of clues for the children to solve as they learn about history.

This could be a really fun way to learn about some artifacts from the era you are studying, like Anglo-Saxon finds for example or to follow the clues to solve a historical mystery.

Fossil Dig

You can bury some replicate fossils in some wet sand that has been pressed down and allowed to dry. You can talk about how fossils are found and the skills required to discover fossils. You could also create rubbings of fossils with paper and crayons. You could use this activity to learn about Mary Anning.


Spending time outside can help enhance history lessons and help your students retain the knowledge they learn. If you set up a classroom area to teach under your school canopy you can access outside lessons all year round by protecting your students from rain and UV sunlight.

How are you planning to enhance your history lessons this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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