How To Make Your Space Work For Your Children

How To Make Your Space Work For Your Children

Space is at a premium when it comes to childcare settings. You want to maximise the activities available to all the children, but want to limit the amount of equipment available so it isn’t too overwhelming.

Getting this balance right can make a big difference. Children who feel overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed, are more prone to disruptive behaviour and don’t learn as effectively.

So how can you make your space work for you? Here are some tips to ensure you have happy, entertained, and engaged children learning at their best.

  1. Ensure There’s Enough Space

One of the biggest goals for any setting is to maximise the potential learning opportunities. This often leads to lots of equipment being available. But the more equipment that’s available, the less room there is for children to move about.

Instead, equipment should be used with space in mind. Children should always have enough space to run, skip, jump and otherwise move around their surroundings to play their games.

  1. Giving A Place To Rest

Children always seem to have endless energy but they do sometimes need rest. A good spot to rest should always be available.

Some settings like to have this inside, with books and beanbags to sit on. However, the outside space can be just a good a spot for your rest area. Let children know this is the resting area and ensure it’s respected by all.

  1. Outdoor Space Is Vital

Speaking of outdoor space, don’t forget about your outside settings. Outdoor play offers numerous benefits as we’ve mentioned before and outside play is different from that inside. Natural features like slopes, foliage and trees offer endless game opportunities. And exercise outside can often be more vigorous.

There are also many cognitive learning opportunities available in your outdoor space. Shadows, colours, smells and sounds can be explored in great detail and can be completely different than those indoors.


Your outdoor space is valuable and you’ll want to maximise its use, but you don’t want to overload it with equipment. There are ways to offer numerous learning opportunities for your children and still give them space.

How do you maximise the use of your space? How do you ensure your children are learning to their full potential?

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