How to Move History Classes Outside

How to Move History Classes Outside

History is one subject that is often left to the classroom, however, there are ways that you can take your subject matter outside. From using your school canopy to taking a walk in the local area, here are some ideas on how you can move your history classes outside.

1. Take a Walk
While world events are very important, local history should also be a focus. There’s probably lots of history that you can explore on a local walk that can inspire the children about the events that have happened around them. On the coastlines, for instance, you can often find Martello forts, or you can walk around other buildings or landscapes changed by historic events.

2. Re-enactments
Re-enactments done under the school canopy or on the school playground can be a good way to get children to be more interactive with their history classes. Re-enactments also teach other skills like acting and can help with self-confidence, so children can learn a lot more than you might think.

Re-enactments can be done in costumes or without and there are packs and support online that can help you create that historical feel.

3. History Groups
There are numerous history groups that will come to your school and set up outside to show the children how past groups would have lived. There are numerous groups and time periods that these groups can help you set up interesting lessons. With some groups, they might get the children to play the part of groups, like participants in the Battle of Hastings or characters on a Viking raid.

History groups can be more expensive than other options, but they can also be fun.

4. Visits
Sometimes there is nothing better than to visit a bit of history that is further away. Whether you’re going to visit your local castle or a stately home, these little trips can be great fun for children, but also good ways that they can see history up close.

There are numerous visits that you can do and this can include museums and free options in your local area.

History is one of the more interesting subjects that children can study. But lots of lessons are kept inside. Above are some great ideas for taking the lessons outside. Outside lessons can be a great way to engage your students and help them learn.

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