How to Protect Outside Equipment from UV Rays

How to Protect Outside Equipment from UV Rays

During the school year, you will want to ensure your equipment is protected from UV rays. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to school equipment such as discolouration, warping, or even cracking, depending on the type of equipment. Some equipment can even become too hot and unsafe to use.

You’ll need to find a way to protect your school equipment from the sun’s UV rays. This will increase its longevity and mean children are more likely to be able to use it year-round. Here are some helpful tips to achieve this.

School Canopy

A school canopy is a great way to protect equipment from UV rays. It will protect the equipment from getting too hot and make it safer for children to use. School children will also be protected from UV rays under the canopy.

You will need to maintain the school canopy but they have a long life, so an ideal cost-effective solution for protecting both equipment and your school children from UV rays. They will protect your equipment so you can make your equipment last longer.


You could store equipment under cover while not in use to protect it from UV rays. This could be quite time-consuming for outdoor equipment that is used regularly. However, it might be useful if you have items used sparingly.

This will be a cheaper option, but many covers aren’t designed to be that long living. They can collect water which can become unhygienic if left for a while. Items that are covered can become dirty and it can look very cluttered.


Many schools keep their equipment in sheds outside. This is a reasonably affordable option, that will mean equipment is tidied away. Sheds do still cost too much and they don’t last forever.

You have the problem that some equipment will have to be regularly got out and put away again which can be frustrating for frequently used equipment. And it will still be under the sun’s UV rays when outside, and the children will be too. So they will need their sun protection like hats and sunscreen.


By protecting your outdoor equipment from UV rays you can help prolong its life. You’ll end up with it not fading or warping or cracking and instead looking good and being functional for longer.

What does your school do to protect school equipment from UV rays?

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