How Well Will My Canopy Age?

How Well Will My Canopy Age?

So, you’re about to invest in a commercial canopy, but you’d like to know how well the structure will age? That’s a very good question, canopies are big investments and if you choose a robust structure from a trusted supplier, your canopy will not only live up to, it will also exceed your expectations.

To give you an idea, back in March 2020, we installed a large 12m x 7.5m Double Grange Free Standing Canopy at Mauldeth Road Primary School in Manchester, Lancashire. They love their canopy so much, that they contacted us again almost one year later (February 2021) for another two canopies. This is the third time the school has ordered from us; we also installed a 11.2m x 9.2m Double Grange Free Standing Canopy in June 2015.

Coming back to the present, just a couple of days ago, we visited Mauldeth Road Primary School to carry out a pre-site survey. Simon, who was their designated surveyor in 2020, attended the site yet again and whilst he was there, he took some fantastic photos of the canopy we installed the previous year (shown above and below).

As a Marketer, I absolutely love to see photos of our canopies with equipment underneath that makes them look ‘lived in’ and well loved. So when Simon sent these photos to me, I knew I had to show them off! Not just because it helps you to see what a canopy looks like once its in use, what kind of use you can gain from it and how invaluable it will be for your outdoor settings, in this case a an outdoor classroom and play area. It also shows you how the canopy looks exactly the same one year later. Look after your canopy, and your canopy will look after you and your pupils and protect you from the weather for many, many years to come.

Even though our canopies look great years after the installations it’s not just about the appearance, its about the structural performance too. Our canopies are supplied with up to a 25 year life expectancy. Yes, that’s correct, 25 years. You really can’t go wrong with a canopy from Able Canopies.

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