Four Ways To Improve Outdoor Learning Spaces

Four Ways To Improve Outdoor Learning Spaces

Outdoor learning is a very important part of the educational system. Children who have some time to learn outside benefit in many ways. For one, their physical and mental health can improve. In addition, learning outside can help with concentration and learning retention. There’s also the chance that your students will feel more confident.

So, how can you improve outdoor learning spaces? Here are some ideas for you.

1. School Canopy

A school canopy allows you to hold classes in any weather, protecting your children from harmful UV rays in the summer and cold winds, rain and other weather during other periods of the year. School canopies are also great for protecting equipment from damage.

School canopies don’t have to take up an entire space, but even a small space offers you year-round learning outside.

2. Bring Nature To Boundaries

When it comes to boundaries around an outdoor learning area, it is a great idea to add some nature. This could be planting areas where children can learn about the plant life cycle or some trees/bushes to give some privacy to the area.

Or, if you have walls already around your outdoor learning area, you can paint these in a natural pattern like a forest. Studies have shown that nature-inspired wall art can have a positive impact on learning with children.

3. Artificial Grass

There are some times when artificial grass might be a great addition to an outdoor learning area. Artificial grass requires less maintenance and can be cleaned when younger learners drop soil, paint or something else on the grass.

Artificial grass is a great addition because it can also look nice all year round and is less messy in the window.

4. Bring Learning Materials Outside

Another option is for you to take the learning materials from the classroom outside. For instance, you could take out small parts used for maths lessons, books for reading or experiments for science classes to bring more lessons outside.


Learning spaces outside can help children learn better but outside spaces can sometimes seem drab and boring. Using a few little tweaks, outdoor spaces can seem more interesting, improving the learning experiences of children across the year.

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