Indoor Fundraising Ideas for the Winter

Indoor Fundraising Ideas for the Winter

A lot of PTA’s find a decrease of motivation for fundraising events in the winter as it’s easy to think that because it’s cold and dark outside, fundraising events won’t be as fun or as successful. But that’s not true! There are many indoor events that are just as fun as those that you hold outdoors in the summer and if planned right as with any event, they will be just as successful. Below I have listed just a couple of fundraising events that you could hold this winter and maybe every winter if you find them to be as successful as others have.

Fundraising Ideas - Bingo - Image from
Bingo can have a stigma around it that only the elderly play it and that it can be quite boring, but that’s not true at all! Bingo can be so much fun and if your lucks in you may come away with some prizes or cash! A gambling licence may be required however there are always around it so that you don’t need one but it’s always best to find out first. For more information lick here
How to hold a successful bingo night

Comedy Nights
If a comedy night hosts well known comedians, not necessarily famous ones but comedians that are well known locally, then they are sure to be a success as many people follow comedians. Also, if they’ve heard that the comedians are good then they are more likely to want to see them than if they don’t know anyone that has heard of them. These nights can raise a lot of many and provides giggles all round…

Quiz Nights
Quiz nights are very popular particularly in pubs. By making sure you have the right mix of questions, prizes and advertise properly then a quiz night should raise a lot of money and be a very successful event. Although they can be serious they can also be very fun.

Fundraising Ideas - Film Nights - Image from Nights
Film nights are a fun evening for families and can help save parents money as it can be a replacement for going to the cinema which can be rather costly these days for a family. You may need a licence to screen films so always check that out first. For more information about holding a film night click here
> Planning a successful film night

Ladies Pampering Evenings
Holding a pampering evening can be heaven for many mums – a chance to unwind, relax and be pampered for once while the husbands/partners look after their children at home – what could be more ideal? These are easy to arrange you just need to contact local therapists and ask if they would like to pay for a stall or a room at your event and let them do the hard work (pampering) – just make sure you advertise well to get lots of mums in need of a pampering session.

There are lot’s more fundraising ideas which can be held during the colder months in our free school fundraising pack, download your free copy now:

Download our free school fundraising pack now.....

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